From The Editor’s Desk – A Storm Is Brewing On The Mobile Market (22.04.2013)

Well folks, we are quickly approaching the end of the month which means that two of the biggest competitors on the mobile market, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, are heading towards people’s homes.

Granted, HTC One has been launched already (AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have just released the handset last week), while the Galaxy S4 is still several days away from being launched on the market. However, it will be very interesting to witness this full on war between the two companies and their flagship products.

I am personally rooting for HTC to win this one. Why? Well, setting aside my personal preference for premium quality materials and builds (HTC One has a premium aluminum case while Samsung still hasn’t changed its “plastic for the win” philosophy), HTC is in dire need of a resounding success in order to save the boat from sinking.

As many of you probably know, HTC’s profits have become abysmal despite the fact that the Taiwanese manufacturer has released pretty good products. HTC One X has failed (as far as sales figures go) not because it was a bad smartphone (actually far from it, many reviewers have praised its build quality and performance, not to mention the awesome display) but because HTC’s way of doing business (read: uninspired marketing, limited availability in the US as AT&T had exclusive rights over the handset, so on and so forth).

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy-S4

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy-S4

HTC Butterfly (aka HTC Droid DNA), the first 1080p smartphone on the market, didn’t do much better than the X, mostly because it has only seen the light of day in a couple of markets (in US Verizon had exclusive retailing rights).

However, it looks like HTC has learned from its mistakes. The company is aggressively promoting the gadget, switching from its old “quietly brilliant” way of doing business to a more “combative” one (remember the Twitter Wars from the time the Galaxy S4 had been just announced ?). Furthermore, the HTC One will soon be available worldwide via a multitude of carriers; no more stupid exclusivity deals or carrier modifications and/or brandings. But, above all, the HTC One is a really competent device, packing impressive fire-power and looking extremely good in the process.

Reading the above you’d probably say i was an HTC fan-boy or that i have something against Samsung. Far from it. I consider the Galaxy S4 to be, hands down, the most powerful (the Exynos 5 Octa powered model) and software packed device I’ve seen thus far, its only drawback being the build quality (which, to be fair, has its advantages like removable battery and microSD slot). However, i think it would be good for the industry if the HTC One would come on top, as far as sales-numbers go. After all, we wouldn’t want the manufacturer of the first ever Android device, and the company that introduced technologies which are now considered to be the norm for any flagship device, to take one more step towards an ugly and messy demise …

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